Introducing a new multimedia campaign to raise awareness about ensuring safe-sex practices in the colder months of the year, when everyone is rugging up everywhere except where it counts.

‘Put a Sock on It’ takes a novel and humorous approach towards encouraging heterosexual and same-sex attracted male couples/ intimate partners to engage in safe sex practices by always using a condom. The objective of this campaign is to help reduce the increasing rates of STI’s among 15-28 y/o’s in NSW, some of which up are up more than 25% since 2017 due to irregular usage of condoms when engaging in casual sexual intercourse.

The campaign uses five variations of the base image (seen adjacent) to target different sub-audiences within the broader target demographic. These images would be used in a number of different mediums, including print, outdoor media (i.e. bus shelters), and digital media (social media, etc.).

Additionally, specially printed condoms can be made available at doctors surgeries/sexual health clinics, as well as universities, tafes, etc. These condoms are standard- latex condoms printed using special ink via a firm in the United States. The aim for the inclusion of a real product is the further drive home the message that when engaging in penetrative sex, it’s critical that you ‘put a sock on it’. (Hopefully there might also be some potential virality from the product design).

Proof of concept –

‘Made in Love’ printed latex condoms created by French start-up Intimity Is Beautiful.

“Made In Love is a new french beautiful brand of graphic condoms. We come from Paris and our condom are all latex printed. Every time you unroll a condom, you will have the privilege of discovering a design on the skin, just like an erotic tattoo… We want to revolutionize the world of condoms and breathe new life into intimacy.”


Mockup – Outdoor Advertising – Bus Shelter
Mockup – Print Advertising – Magazine placement

Mockup – Digital Media – Instagram Stories (Image 1), Instagram sponsored post (Image 2)

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